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The traditional conviction was that quantum mechanical principles apply only to subatomic particles. Apparently this is not true. With advancement in technology the experiment can be done with bigger objects as well. Anton Zeilinger an Austrian physicist used a molecule with sixty carbon and forty eight fluoride (C60F) in double slit experiment with similar quantum mechanical result. He is planning to repeat the experiment with midsize proteins. In a recent conference he was asked ”Where is the quantum mechanical cut-off?”. His answer was “the budget”. A recent American Institute of Physics article is titled “3600 atoms in two places” [4] 

Therefore we may conclude that, super position and other quantum mechanical principles are applicable to bigger objects as well.

Renormalization in Schrödinger’s Equation 

The Schrödinger’s probability equation for the position of a particle during its wave function can be written as:

Ψ* Ψ = Probability
If we believe that the particle is somewhere in space but we cannot exactly pin point it, we can normalize the formula and write:

∫ Ψ* Ψ cr = 1
Which means that we have altered the formula in a way that would show the probability of the particle being somewhere in space is %100. We do this because we believe that everything is confined inside the space-time. So, it is natural to assume that the particle is in space somewhere. Therefore, we write a formula to reflect a normal situation by our space-time logic. If we are revisiting the existing concepts then we are allowed to question normalization as well. Normalization is a major parts of quantum mechanical calculations. If we take normalization out of quantum calculations, we tremble the pillars of its existing mathematics. Questioning the normalization is similar to questioning the attempts to understand the reality on the basis of space-time properties alone. This is a courageous action. But haven't we been very bold so far? As a matter of fact, solving these great mysteries need enormous amount of daring. At the same time revisiting the calculations can confirm or reject the validity of the singularity concept presented above. It seems that if we redefine the particle wave function to include singularity (a mind like informational domain), we will come to a logical explanation for the phenomena that we are facing. I do not see why we shouldn't let our imagination explore that possibility. Aren't we defining the location of each particle with a complex number, which contains imaginary part as its inseparable feature?

De coherence


De coherence means the blossom of just one state in macrocosm out of infinite quantum superposition states.
We see the world in one definite state. A universe in superposition of states would be an in-deterministic and chaotic world that nobody could stand it. Nothing would remain to rely on or build into it. Even we ourselves would be a total mess. As mixed up as the deeper level of our consciousness. The world at quantum level is coherent and symmetric. The de-coherence process whatever it is, prevents us from observing superposition of state in our everyday experience. To solve the puzzle many solutions are proposed .One of them postulates particle are always bombarded with other particles and photons. The interaction of particles with each other takes them out of super position of states and leaves them in a definite state. That is how the world comes out of confusion and we see one definite state around us. A logical world where we can live and able to rely on. The above is just one solution that is proposed for the problem. This solution is not very convincing. Every particle supposedly is in superposition itself. Interactions just furthers the chaos. We will explore the other possibilities in the Consciousness Reign and Brain Lateralization Theory chapters.

Singularity, Super Position Domain

If we cannot normally observe the superposition, then where is the most probable place to comprehend it? Where can we find such a cat, which is in superposition of life and death? Can we imagine such an antagonistic estates in our mind (an informational domain)? We have assumed singularity to contain information of an object but lacking matter itself. In such a domain, information about any possibility can exist simultaneously. In particle-wave model, I have postulated that objects travel and alternate in between singularity and space-time domain. One solution is to leave superposition of states to object's presence in singularity and the reduced, definite state to space-time. This is one way to avoid the super position conflict with the conservation law.
According to the concept presented, the physical world connects and intermingles with singularity in every miniscule of space.

Bruce Rosenblum, Fred Kuttner, Quantum Enigma, Oxford University Press2006 
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