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Quantum Tunnelling

During its wave function, if a particle encounters a barrier where it cannot pass through because insufficient energy, it tunnels and appears on the other side of the barrier anyway (it bypasses classical mechanics limitation). This phenomenon is called quantum tunnelling  An explanation can be offered for the phenomenon that is similar the one that I offered for wave particle function. In quantum tunnelling if condition does not allow (the energy density more than h), the trace of particle will not resurface within the wavelength and stays in singularity. It shows up again when the obstacle in space-time is bypassed.

Quantum Teleportation

We have watched the fantasy of the teleportation in the Star Trek series. The actual quantum teleportation is the transferring of tiny units of information, called quantum bits or qubits, about a particle. By transporting the information to another location, we can create a replica of the particle in new location. In quantum teleportation actual matter or energy are not transported.

This procedure was done inside laboratory in short distances. Samuel Braunstein, a professor of informatics at the University of Wales in Bangor, England was part of a team that teleported photons from one end of a table to the next in 1998. Nicolas Gisin, a physicist at the University of Geneva and his team teleported qubits carried by photons of 0.05 inch (1.3mm) wavelength in one laboratory onto photons of 0.06 inch (1.55mm) wavelength in another laboratory 180 feet (55 meters) away along 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) of fiber optic wire in January 2003. And most recently, Austrian researchers have teleported photons across the Danube River in Vienna. They reported their achievement in April 2004. Because of measurement problems created by uncertainty principle, teleportation in above experiments had to be performed by using entanglement principle of quantum theory. Below I am including one of the reports regarding this phenomenon provided by Daniel F. James from University of Innsbruck in Austria, in collaboration with a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

“In the experiment described in the scientific journal Nature, the group achieved teleportation using singly-ionized calcium atoms that were confined and cooled to ultra-low temperatures (around 15 millionths of a degree above absolute zero). Using lasers, the internal configurations of the atoms -- their quantum states -- were controlled very precisely, allowing entanglement between two of the atoms to be created. One of these entangled atoms was then further entangled with a third atom -- the input of the teleporter. By performing a simple measurement on this pair, and another series of interactions dependent on the outcome of the measurement, the original input state was then re-created on the remaining (output) atom. The quantum state teleportation experiments were carried out at the University of Innsbruck's Institute for Experimental Physics.”[22]

Singularity and Teleportation

Please note that teleportation was performed by just transferring the information, not the actual particle. In other words for entanglement and teleportation, we need an information media. In this model, the proposed singularity acts as such media. Furthermore, the above experiments defies string theory interpretation of entanglement. Because in the above experiment a particle (being string or any other shape) is not responsible for entanglement and teleportation, rather phase transitions from particle to qubits and back to particle is shown to be the actual phenomena behind the process. This is in line with the wave-particle function model proposed in Wave- Particle section.

Quantum Fluctuation, Conservation Law and Mind

Let us discuss some of the conclusions derived from quantum theory; “In the vacuum there is a "sea of quarks", which continually pop into and out of existence in our Space-time universe due to quantum fluctuations.”

This violates the conservation of energy principle that we so dearly adhered to. Rapid creation and annihilation of virtual particles are offered to bypass the above problem. Alternatively, we can look beyond the space-time and open our vision to series of related events out of our universe. Above I suggested that energy can penetrate from Planck holes into the space-time and create the fields. Also matter can transform to energy and leave the space-time through the holes. Therefore, in this view the two-way transformation of energy and matter is suggested for quantum foam phenomena.

In addition, quantum fluctuation is comparable to mind activities during wakeness. During normal mind activities our consciousness is intermittently in and out of objective world. Our consciousness' constantly fluctuates between two different arenas. We are constantly alternating between sensation and imagination domains. In other words, our mind is constantly popping into and out of the physical world? We can also compare sleep dreaming and awakeness as an analogy. While we are awake we are time bonded and local. We also are dealing with objective reality most of the time. During sleep we depart from objective world and our awareness becomes non-local and floats out of time limits. Please refer to Quantum Mind by Arnold Mindell on the related topics.[23]

Dr. Mindell very clearly shows the many resemblances between mind activity and quantum behavior. There is no way that I can do any better.) move to consciousness

Electron Cloud 

In the current understanding of the atom, an orbital is not something like the orbit of a planet around the sun. Orbiting electron is present at the same time in a whole region of space and has a whole range of velocities. It is a probability distribution in space. And, the electron cannot be said to be really 'moving'.

Current belief indicates that, electron does not follow a specific trajectory in its orbit to reach to a new position. This violates the locality rule in space. Experiments reveal that the electron only ever moves radially -- in and out.... But yet it covers the whole angular range. So this way, it defies steel ball rotation movement in classical physics. Alternatively, we can claim that, an electron around its orbit is everywhere and nowhere. If we cannot follow electrons trajectory, we have to come to conclusion that at times it is absent, and does not occupy a spatial location. If it does not follow the space-time rule of locality, may I suggest that electron or its trace travels to singularity and comes back to our space-time in different location according to the scenario explained in wave function chapter? This interpretation makes quantum mechanical experiments more comprehensible.


If we take our universe as a closed system, in many quantum mechanical phenomena objectivity, locality and the second law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy) goes under question. Introducing virtual particles as quantum of energy fields does not satisfy the common sense. Either we have to drop universality of conservation of energy and matter or accept another entity which interacts with our universe.

In this view quantum arena is the twilight zone between the space-time universe and the proposed singularity. In other words, quantum domain is where space-time and singularity intermingle. This is why it demonstrates an objective reality mixed with subjective and imaginary realm.
The complementarity between two observables of a particle like momentum and location points to the same entity which manifests itself as either a singularity element (momentum-energy) or objective (matter,space-time items).

Applying classical physics laws alone to explain quantum mechanics is doomed to failure. We need to mix classical logic with mind-like realm laws to be able to explain the unsolved mysteries of quantum mechanics. Above I have explained different quantum mechanical paradoxes based on the above concept.


While quantum mechanics is very precise to predict and reproduces the results of experiments, it does not offer any classical explanation for the weird results obtained in the lab. Adding the proposed singularity as a non-local energy–information media offers explanations for the strange results by exposing us to a new paradigm. This paradigm delivers its own logic which can explain many of the current paradoxes. Explanations for Tonomura’s two slit interference, quantum entanglement and other quantum mechanical phenomena has been proposed based on this model.

For an alternative concept in search of deeper understanding of reality Please visit http://www.quantumperception.net.


Mindell, Arnold. Quantum Mind. Lao Tse Press, 2000. 
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