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Wave-Only World

It was claimed that our five senses are stimulated only by waves. But is the world made just from waves? It is quite probable that waves are the only thing that we can sense from the outside world after all. Waves may be the main building blocks of actual reality. Wave mechanics is a complete theory.
It provides a complete description of a quantum system. However, it describes only the probability of events happening, as opposed to definite events or states. At least one physicist proposes that the wave-particle duality can be replaced by a "wave-only" view.

Carver Mead analyses the behaviour of electrons and photons purely in terms of electron wave functions.12 Mead has cut the Gordian knot of quantum complementarity, in which particles alternatively demonstrate particle-like or wave-like properties. He claims that atoms, with their neutrons, protons, and electrons, are not particles at all but pure waves of matter. Mead refers to the evidence of the exclusively wave nature of both light and matter, obtained between 1933 and 1996. He assesses examples of pure-wave phenomena, such as the ubiquitous laser of CD players, the self-propagating electrical currents of superconductors, and the Bose–Einstein condensate of atoms. [17]

In conclusion, the act of state reduction and the fact that we perceive only one definite scheme of reality could be due to the function of the left hemisphere. The system as we see it may be partly manufactured by our brain. That is probably why we cannot separate the observer from the system. Objectification may be the product of thought pattern loops used by the brain's left hemisphere.

Beliefs and Religions

Finally, I would like to comment on the effect the left brain–right brain dichotomy has on human spirituality. Previously, it was mentioned that left brain creates thought pattern loops. These loops are the framework of our thoughts and the origin of our beliefs. By creating these loops, the left brain controls the perceptions of right brain. It receives the observations of the right brain and analyses them. It then interprets and normalizes them in a way we can comprehend and live with. One may say that left brain “censors” the incoming data, maintaining its dominancy.

Spirituality in philosophy is often defined as the sense of connection and oneness with the whole of existence. The right brain senses the world as a whole. However the left hemisphere, through the above process, creates a logical mold for spiritual experiences as well. These molds are the basis of our religious beliefs. Religion is the “loop” that the left brain utilizes to tame the right brain’s spiritual perspectives. Out of our broad spiritual sensations, it extracts a humanlike god which lives somewhere in heavens in a space-like setting. This god supposedly created the earth and heavens within a defined period of time. (Mind you, space and time are properties of the left brain.) “God” is thought to be logical and wise, creating the universe with a purpose. We are part of this purposeful and logical creation and are subject to judgments and subsequent verdicts. (Again, I would like to remind you that logic and judgment are constructs of the left brain). The left brain also separates the self from the whole. Therefore, it is subject to guilt. Then there is the perception that we are a very insignificant self against the enormous whole (God, in the left brain’s terms). To defend and preserve the self, the mind seeks to legitimize the self through practices like sacrifices, praying, and begging to buy the friendship of this very strong god, so that it stays in our side and do not turn against us.

Spiritual ideologies and religions have been widespread among the human race from prehistory. The spiritual thought pattern loops inherited and engraved in our left mind mostly belongs to ancient times, when humans were primitive. Revisiting these beliefs with one’s modern left mind reveals many of the shortcomings of ancient religions. Surprisingly, humans of twenty-first century still follow the same thought patterns.

People with a very dominant left hemisphere subdue and demean pure spiritual experiences. The left portion of our personality questions the feeling of oneness with existence and casts doubts on sacrifices that we go through in order to help others.


As mentioned previously, the classical / quantum-level dichotomy is the puzzle of the century. Reality as we see it at the classical level is definite, concrete, and logical. Quantum physics, however, pictures a quite different reality, a multi-factual reality full of uncertainties and classically illogical and unacceptable features. The left-brain/right-brain dichotomy may provide the answer and suggest an acceptable solution for the puzzle. Above, I tried to speculate on a hypothesis and offer some clues. Once again, I have to mention that this is a simplification of the actual hemispheric functions. Brain physiology is a complex discipline that is still under ongoing investigation to uncover the mysteries of mind. Although this concept is in its infancy and lacks the graces of a fully developed theory, it has the potential to answer many of the major questions of the century, and therefore it deserves open discussion and debate.
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