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Zero and Infinity

How can a single entity represent zero and infinity at the same time? The equations below offer mathematical support for this assumption:

ex = 1 + x/1! + x2/2! + x3/3! +....... (A)

Lim x approaches 0

ex = (1+x/1! + x2/2! + x3/3! +......)

= 1 + 0 + 0 + 0 +…..= 1 (A)
 Lim x approaches infinity ex

 If we choose

X=1/t (B)

then when Lim x approaches infinity

x = Lim t approaches 0

1/t Lim t approaches 0 e 1/t = 1/e-t

1/ ( 1 + t/1! + t2/2! + t3/3! +……) = 1/1 +0 + 0+0+....=1 . (B)

By comparing A and B we can see that

Lim x approaches 0 Lim x approaches infinity ex =1

Therefore, we may conclude that the same entity is aloud to represent zero and infinity.

Departing from the Norm

Here I would like to refer to Kurt Godel’s philosophy of mathematics, particularly his work on undecideability, to indicate possibility of entities beyond our space-time universe.

"There would always be mathematical statements that are true but can never be proved to be true from existing axioms. He envisaged these true statements as therefore already existing—out there—in a platonic domain, beyond our ken."[25]

So far, we have tried to follow physical laws to explain the proposed singularity. However, the result is something unfamiliar to contemporary physics. Then again, new possibilities are the “fresh blood” of scientific advancement. Departing from scientific norms when evidence dictates it is nothing new. That is what Einstein and others did. Quantum mechanics, which deals with the building-block particles of our physical universe, is also a big leap from classical physics. Throughout the upcoming discussion, we will explore whether our definition of singularity can aid us in finding the solution for the unexplained paradoxes that exist in theoretical physics, and in the nature of consciousness.


I define singularity as an entity separate from the space-time universe. I have further assumed that the space-time universe exists and expands inside the proposed singularity. The singularity lacks space, time, and matter. However it includes infinite amount of energy and information. In addition, I have further speculated that energy fields andvirtual particles originate in singularity. In the next section I introduce subjectivity as another property of the singularity realm. [26]

In following sections, I will offer explanations for many unexplained phenomena in physics on the basis for the model we are proposing, and we will explore the mystery of mind and its relation to other elements of reality.


Soo Kim raises the philosophical argument that for things to exist there should be a nothing. Without nothingness, thing-ness loses its meaning. Likewise, for nothing to have a meaning, there must be thing. In another 
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